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The future of our website / domain

I have been thinking of cutting back my hosting and domain name costs this year. is up for renewal soon. I have no problem renewing it, but are we really using it at all?

Our activity is very low and the most activity the site/forum sees is from spam bots.

How would everyone feel about it going away at this point?

We still have our Steam group and communicate through it. Many of us still use voice chat provided by spoon. I am not sure we would be missing much anymore if our forums went away.

I would still keep backups and all of our data if we needed or wanted to revive it.

Please let me know of your thoughts or opinions.

4 CommentsShens - 11 Feb 2015 15:10

Path of Exile

A new free-to-play action RPG released into open beta yesterday.

Path of Exile


All of the USD money sinks are cosmetic, bank and extra character slots at the moment. It is possible to play the entire game for free.

A few of us are currently playing Hardcore characters. If you feel like clicking a lot, come join us.

Character names in the comments.

11 CommentsShens - 25 Jan 2013 01:06

Guild Wars 2 Pre-Launch

The time has arrived for the Guild Wars 2 launch.

It will be starting, officially, at 12:00am Saturday. The word on the interwebs is that the servers will open any time 3 hours prior to 12:00am.

With that said, we will be playing on the Stormbluff Isle server.

Come join us and reply here with your character name to get added to the guild.

3 CommentsShens - 24 Aug 2012 10:39



A few of us have been playing Day Z every night for about a month.

We have enjoyed it so much that there is now a Moa Birds hosted server.

If you do not have ARMA II: CO yet, you can pick it up on Steam.

Join us!

If you are visiting the website from our server, visit this thread.

If you are having trouble connecting, download the latest BattleEye DLL:

0 CommentsShens - 16 Jul 2012 15:46

Guild Wars 2 - Beta Weekend #2

Friday, June 8th, 12:00PM PDT until Sunday, June 10th, at 11:59PM PDT.

On the Scavenger's Causeway server.

More info on this weekend's event at:

If you have not patched your client since the last beta weekend, I would recommend doing it before Friday. I had to download a few GBs and it could take you a long time to patch if everyone hits the servers at the same time.

6 CommentsShens - 05 Jun 2012 10:39

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